Heterosexual Poster

Heterosexuals was written and directed by Robert McCaskill, and starred Ashley Williams, Natasha Lyonne, Michael Izquierdo, and J. Robert Spencer.

Heterosexuals follows three couples as they navigate romance in the Big Apple while managing an ever-increasing series of personal hurdles. Rhonda and Nick are old friends who always share the details of their romantic disasters. A new one is born when they decide to cross that boundary with the promise of not falling in love with eachother. Akey and Elia just can’t seem to get dates with the opposite sex. But when Nick and Rhonda arrange a meeting, magical things unfold. Larry and Denny have been married ten years. Their love is deep. But when financial strains begin to crack their foundation they must fight to resist the temptations that offer each a relief from the pressure. Story-lines intersect in a comedic climax that will make anyone in a relationship squirm in their seat.