Go back to where you are 2


Written by   David Greenspan
Directed by  Leigh Silverman

A forgotten chorus boy from the theater of Ancient Greece, stuck in a lonely purgatory these past 2000 years, is sent back to earth on a mission from God.  He now finds himself among a vacationing family in Montauk, caught off-guard by his re-discovered ability to feel love. Go Back To Where You Are is a melancholy comic romance, told with Greenspan’s unique brand of theatrical wit and exquisite lyricism.

"STEPHEN BOGARDUS, MICHAEL IZQUIERDO and TIM HOPPER make their characters into excellent company."

—Michael Sommers, New Jersey Newsroom

"An endearingly daffy, compassionate comedy. DAVID GREENSPAN is always a delight to watch.  It’s a measure of the sensitive performances in even the smaller roles that we feel that we know these folks a lot better than a bustling hour in their company could justify."

—Charles Isherwood, The New York Times Critic's Pick